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Security and locks go hand in hand always. There hasn’t been a door which doesn’t have a lock on it. The lock not only closes the door firmly so that it doesn’t open on its own, it also prevents unwanted intruders and miscreants from coming inside your home and disrupting it in your absence. While a strong and fully functional lock can go a long way in stopping the malicious intent of thieves and robbers, to keep it that way you need the help of a reliable locksmith. We, at Manassas Locksmith Service keep your security in high regard and only want the best for you. We are a group of extremely talented locksmiths in Manassas VA each having a working experience of several years. They are trained in working with every kind of lock present in the market right now. From addressing a jammed lock, lost keys, broken keys, lockouts to bridging gaps in your security setup, we can do it all. There is a helpline number at 703-270-6006 that is always up and running which means that we don’t leave our customers stranded in the middle of the night anywhere when they need trusted locksmiths in Manassas. Someone will be in charge at all times and would be able to reach you shortly at your location to solve any lock and key issues.

Our customers are impressed by the promptness which is displayed by our experts as well as the professionalism they have. We have a long list of happy and satisfied customers and an ever-growing stream of services that makes us one of the best locksmiths in Manassas. So, give us a call today and experience first-hand what makes us the number one locksmith service firm in the region.

About Us

Manassas Locksmith Service is one of the premium locksmiths in Manassas VA area. We specialize in every kind of locks including those present in your home, your offices and in your vehicles as well. Our customers range from small families looking for upgrading their security systems to feel a little at ease at their home, shop owners and companies who want to establish a tight knit security system and prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel in the office or a car owner who is stuck outside with the keys still in the ignition of the car. We provide excellent service to all our customers who will testify for it on their own. It is this trust that has made us so good at what we do and allowed us to remain consistent in doing so.

The prices that we choose at Manassas Locksmith Service are carefully selected after a thorough research of the market. We don’t charge extra from our customers for anything unlike most other locksmiths and provide round the clock service at the same rate as our normal service rate. We believe in no taking advantage of our customer’s situation and do our best to be a cheap locksmith in Manassas.

Team of Skilled Experts

How can we guarantee top class service to everyone who calls for us by sending amateurs to take care of such an important role? All the locksmiths present in our team our esteemed professionals who have years of experience with them and have worked with every kind of lock in their lifetime. You can be sure that no matter what kind of an issue you are facing, we will take care of it professionally and efficiently. Apart from professional supremacy, the locksmiths are trained with soft skills so that they can interact better with customers and help them calm down in a difficult situation as well.

Lightning Fast Service

While we don’t actually mean that we solve your problems at the speed of light, but we do make sure that anyone calling or asking for help would be tended to as soon as possible. Afterall, getting locked out of your car at the middle of night with no help close by can leave you stranded there for hours. Thankfully, the best locksmiths in Manassas VA are available at all times and will reach you in an assured 30 minutes.

Our Services

From our homes to our cars to the offices we go to, locks and keys are everywhere. This is why Manassas Locksmith Service has locksmiths for every kind of problem someone may be facing.

  • Residential Locksmith Services

If you have a lock which is broken completely or there is no key for the lock, then calling a locksmith will be a good idea. We are one of the most reliable residential locksmiths in Manassas and deliver services n a lot of different fields and areas. Our locksmiths can make a duplicate as well as a brand-new key in front of you at your own home, open locked trunks and cupboards, make a new personal safe for you to put your precious belonging, install master key system around the house, provide eviction services or even set up a silent alarm notifying you about an unwanted intruder in the house.

  • Commercial Locksmith Services

There are a few building regulations which official houses need to follow in Manassas in order to set up a lock and security system to protect their assets. Hence it is important for the locksmith to be familiar with these regulations so that you don’t face a problem if there’s an audit. Our locksmiths have a lot of experience and training working with commercial locks and can install bio-metric fingerprint readers, surveillance systems, panic bars, alert alarms, protection hardware, security grilles, keyless access systems, keypad locks and much more in your office space. Call 703-270-6006 to get a free consultation service right at your office so that you can easily determine the advantages it can provide to your company in the long run.

  • Automobile Locksmith Services

If you are someone who is prone to losing keys more often than not, then you must have come across times when you forgot that the keys are still in the ignition when you stepped out. You need a quick service at that time and someone who will come to you and unlock your car rather than you having to tow the car to a shop. Our locksmiths can unlock even the most sophisticated of car locks or make a duplicate transponder key very quickly right in front of you. Call us at anytime of the day regardless of it being a holiday or not and we guarantee that we’ll get you out of the hitch in no time!

  • Emergency Locksmith Services

We don’t believe in the normal nine to five work timing for a locksmith because these problems don’t arise on a specific time. Manassas Locksmith Service provides emergency locksmiths in Manassas VA whenever you are stuck in a problem and need help right away. We will provide exceptional service even at 2 AM in the night and charge the same amount as we would at any other time. Call us and get more information yourself. We are open for business 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year.

Manassas is a fairly peaceful and quiet place. It however, doesn’t mean that you can totally forget about protecting your belongings. Call a locksmith from Manassas Locksmith Service and get a free consultation service in which we’ll analyze your present security arrangement and how it can be improved or repaired.

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